Christmas Gift Printable

Today I am sharing with you a free printable I made for this year’s Teacher Christmas Gift

After working with kids for almost 15 years- I know one thing: Children made me a COFFEE LOVER. It is all their glorious fault. A few other notes I made in my head:

-The teachers will most likely be getting a bucket of, “Teacher” signs, things that say, “World’s Best Teacher,” objects with apples, ornaments, crafts created by other children….the list goes on.

-I like to make my children put a little thought into it (i.e. writing assignments)

-They need caffeine.

-Can I make this meaningful and not staged?


I have given the assignment to my son to think of a few things that his teacher’s do that make him happy or joyful & this was a perfect way to “put that on paper.” #punintended


The Lancaster Stroopies Company is a great local company with a whole lot of dignity. I knew that I needed to support this local company in some way- even if it were small.

I will add that I was wishing to go to a local coffee shop to pick up gift cards, but miserably failed in between tired children and a tired mother. I settled with Starbucks- knowing it was easy to go through the drive-thru.

Here are the Free Printables for the Card.


❤ Kristin


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