It Takes a Village

Today I am sharing with you my 6 tips on how to be an encourager to other moms. Motherhood is hard. Tiring. Lonely. Exhausting.


Admit it- You go on social media, finger taping, scrolling, liking all the picture perfect CRAP. I have since trained my brain to filter out the fake and look for true life. Because yes, it takes training people!

Welcome. Kids live here.

1. Train Your Thoughts

-Instead of being envious while you browse through your social media feed, search for ways you can be a blessing. Who needs encouragement today? How can I be a light to this person RIGHT NOW?

– Fix your thoughts on all that is true, noble, lovely, gracious. I am not that awesome at this, but I do know that if I am reading God’s word, praying, encouraging others and allowing myself to be encouraged…my thoughts change and with that my attitude changes and from that my heart.

-It is a process that takes time. Make it a habit.

2. Double Your Dinner

This took me a while to learn. Who has time to plan a 12 hour day to make freezer meals? No one.

When I cook, I often double my batch and put a second in the freezer for a busy day. It wasn’t until recently that I realized, this is also a very easy way to bless someone with a meal. You’re already cooking it…just double it and bless someone with it.

3. Offer Help NOT Advice

This is a huge one for me. You know. That new mom who just can’t seem to get her baby to sleep? Everyone is hot on rice trying to tell her how to parent, what she needs to do to get baby to sleep, what book she needs to read, the “right way.” Instead of looking like a complete FOOL becausssssseee…you look like a COMPLETE FOOL…

Double your dinner that night, bring her a meal. You don’t live close by? Stop making excuses, order her take-out or delivery.

Offer babysitting so she can sleep, shower, brush her teeth like normal people do.

Offer babysitting so she can grocery shop or run errands ALONE.

Basically, offer babysitting.


4. Small Gifts = Large Reward

I’ll let you in on an honest secret. It’s true, every woman wants to know she is thought of. …and when you’re a mom, let’s face it…babies and toddlers don’t take care of mom. Here are a few gestures, at little cost, to let her know you care:

-Cut flowers from your garden for her. She doesn’t care if roots and dirt are still dangling.

-Bring her HOT coffee.

-Send a handwritten note in the MAIL.


5. Support Her Business

This is a difficult one for me to write. I am not all about “catalog parties” and these new “facebook parties” where you don’t even have to HOST anymore. What is this??  However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized this:

-When you support her business, you are supporting her decision to stay home (for SAHMs) and raise a family.

-You are probably buying her family groceries that week.

-Even if it is a nationwide company..this is her way to wear a different name tag than “Mom” and helps to give her an identity. You are helping to let her know that she has worth and value.

-Tell your friends.Support does not always mean you have to buy things from her. Networking.

-This one is for my fellow crafters. Don’t tell her “I can make that.” …because you can’t. Don’t knock off her craft- that says only one thing (actually 2):

1. You aren’t original.  2. Making an extra buck is more important than your relationship.

-For the mom who goes to work everyday: Double your dinner, offer to be on call in case her little people get sick and she’s pressured to be at work. Support her.

6. Hand-It-Down Before You Sell

-I consign my kid’s clothing and it is GREAT.It allows me to keep dressing these little humans that never. stop. growing. With that, I know what it costs to clothe a house of children. A lot of cash.

I’ve been on both sides. I know that when I give it away, I am saving that family a lot of DOUGH.

-Before you take your junk to the dumpster, offer your friends to look through it. This makes me laugh. I love junk. A lot of other people love junk too.

-Always remember, the act of blessing others is eternal…your things or $$ you may make from them, ARE NOT.


Mothers, our work here is not an easy task. It takes a village. God knows He is not enough for us. He created a companion for Adam because he knows the value of friendships and relationships. They are also a gift He has given us that actually IS eternal. Relationships continue in Heaven. Guard them, cherish them, nurture them and help others to do the same.

**Please comment below. I’d love to hear any other ideas you may have to be encouraging to other moms**



3 thoughts on “It Takes a Village

  1. I love this Kristin..you are simply amazing and a great mom! I love how you want to be there for other moms! One thing I want to work on is actually DOING those nice things instead of just thinking about it. I often think…I should stop and drop off coffee for this mom..I should take her meal tonight…that’s gonna be one of my goals for next year..doing and carrying out my plans😀 you are such an inspiration!


  2. my children are grown, and its just hubby and i growing older in our home, but i loved reading what you wrote kristen and seeing the pics of your dear ones! when our children were young there wasn’t an opportunity to read these encouraging words and sometimes life felt lonely, so blessings to you kristen as you write this blog, it will be a boon to many mothers!


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