NoBuddy Like A Brother

The Boy’s Adventure Bedroom with Storage Hacks and Re-purposed Tricks


Gallery Wall- these take some time and planning, but here are a few ideas that I used:

-Framed Prints// the more unique and different the frames…the better. Don’t try to matchy matchy

-Hub Caps


-An arrow made from an old ruler

-Framed maps, newspaper/magazine pictures

img_2275  arrow2

Hand Painted Growth Chart Ruler

There are many DIY instructions for this project online and that is what I suggest for you fellow DIYers…the price of shipping these is not for the faint of heart. However, if you’d like to order a Custom ruler, please visit my shop here and send me a Custom Order Request or Message. I’d be happy to help.


Unexpected Storage

Believe it or not- I picked up this dresser on the side of the road. FREE. (There was a drawer missing) It was a bit beat up. I painted it an olive green, stained the drawers and added new hardware.

The missing drawer? Replaced with baskets.

img_2258   img_2272

Vintage Locker Room Baskets


An old wooden crate and emergency traffic light that acts as a bookmark


Dad’s Unused Medal Toolboxes

img_2262 img_2263img_2264

This is probably one of my favorite Storage Saves- Ikea’s Spice Rack.

It holds books and Water Bottles/Sippy Cups PERFECTLY.

img_2268img_2267    img_2269

Knobs from Hobby Lobby and these are on SALE right now ya’ll!

img_2260    img_2259

Some of My Favorite Little Additions:


img_2270  img_2279  img_2271

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