A Cookie Cutter Mess

I do love crafting and creating with my kids. Sometimes allowing them to play with play-doh all afternoon gives me a quieter house (but not cleaner)…and yes, quieter because sometimes this Mamma needs to lower the noise level in here and catch a few rays of quietness. Our house is far from being cookie cutter perfect. In fact, I’m staring down the mess of toys scattered around the living room floor-stretching all the way into our tiny little dining room. There is a Cheez-it on the floor to my right (which I will throw away soon), but I haven’t seen a box of Cheez-its in quite a few weeks. Where did THAT come from?


Allowing my house to be a home for my kids is my priority. Letting kids be kids: make a mess, move the sofa cushions around to build a fort, come help me dump the flour in the cookie batter. But that is just that… seriously? I love letting my oldest (of 3 years old) bake cookies somedays….well every so often.

I will share with you THE BEST ADVICE I was given in regards to the role as a mother- Allow time with your kids to do fun crafts, baking, painting etc. They all create memories together. …but memories are exactly what they remember. If you aren’t feeling up to the challenge of being that perfect mother in all the magazines and all over the blogs…don’t be. If it is something that is going to make you frustrated with your kids…don’t do it, they will remember that frustration. The simplicity of playing cars together or reading a book with the loves on my lap often trump the cookie cutter perfect activities. Why do we feel like we have to be more than what we are? Why do we have to be THAT GIRL who seems to have the kids that don’t spill flour all over the kitchen floor or don’t eat paint. Truth is, you don’t have to be her. You can’t be her.



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